Our Platform

Sustainably Transforming Food and Agriculture

Our proprietary RTDS enable the direct creation of desired traits without integration of foreign material for nature identical, non-GMO crops. With the ability to select and precisely introduce multiple traits (“stacked”), we can choose from a portfolio of traits that meet the varying needs of farmers, processors, and customers.

Our First Product

Commercializing First Products in Canola

Our first product is a non-transgenic, herbicide tolerant Canola, SU Canola™ marketed under the Falco™ brand. SU Canola is currently selling in the United States and Canada, after launching in early 2018. Additional canola traits currently in testing and development include those for yield improvement, disease tolerance, healthier oil, and additional herbicide tolerance.

Our Pipeline

Inspired By Nature™ and Human Demand

RTDS accelerates the development of our expanding pipeline of non-GM (non-transgenic) traits in multiple crops. Traits are designed to meet the demands of farmers (such as herbicide tolerance and pod shatter reduction), as well as human health (such as disease control and nutrition). In addition to our herbicide tolerant canola, already in the market, two weed tolerance traits in rice are nearing commercial rollout. We have commenced development for traits for wheat, soybean and corn.