Canola, Rice, Flax

Our Input Trait Products

Input traits are genetic characteristics in plants that alter inputs needed in production. Input costs are predominantly associated with fungicides, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers and the fuel used to apply them. The goal of Input Traits Products is to lower these inputs costs and improve yields.

  • Cibus’ target products are Input Traits that address each of the main Input Trait areas: disease (fungicides), insects, weeds and fertilizer use efficiency. These areas represent approximately 60% of the input costs of the large acreage/high yielding crops.
  • Cibus’ target crops are the top five large acreage, high yielding row crops: canola, rice, soybean, wheat and corn. These crops represent more than a billion acres of annual plantings in North America, South America and Europe alone. Cibus’ initial focus is in canola, rice and soybean.

These crops and these product areas are a central focus of the Global Sustainability movement and the efforts to reduce agriculture’s carbon footprint. Each of Cibus’ Input Trait Products directly impact primary targets of these global efforts.

Changing a Paradigm

There is an ongoing paradigm shift in farming practice. The face of this movement is the rapid evolution of sustainable farming practices and its avoidance of the ecologically challenging chemicals: fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides and the fuel used to apply them. This revolution however has been largely limited to fruits, vegetables and dairy. A shift away from chemicals has been slow to take hold in the high yielding and large acreage row crops such as corn, wheat, rice, soybean and canola that require billions of acres to meet global demand.

The new precision gene editing technologies are going to change this. Like human gene editing, the product of agricultural gene editing are characteristics (trait products) that make plants healthier and more robust and, in so doing, enabling them to better withstand their environment without the use of chemicals.

Cibus is the leader in this new paradigm. Our strategic focus are trait products that help farmers manage problem areas like disease and insects. Our inspiration is to make crops more ecofriendly and to lower their carbon footprint while, at the same time, making these crops higher yielding, more profitable and sustainable.

Our Crops

We are currently focused on the five largest row and cereal crops: canola, rice, soybean, wheat and corn. These crops cover over one billion acres in North America, South America and Europe.


Our first commercial product is a non-transgenic sulfonylurea (SU) herbicide tolerant canola providing an alternative weed control option for canola farmers globally, including lower herbicide costs, non-GM premiums and a synergistic option for soybean rotations.


We are currently developing and testing several unique and differentiated non-transgenic herbicide and disease tolerant traits in rice that will provide farmers globally with more effective and efficient weed control, reducing yield drag, as well as disease tolerance options.

Ongoing development in:

  • Soybean
  • Wheat
  • Corn