Canola, Rice, Flax

Our Crops

The versatility and flexibility of the RTDS platform enables our ability to accelerate trait development with the selection and introduction of beneficial agronomic and consumer traits across the desired crop platform.


Under the Falco™ brand, our first commercial product is a non-transgenic sulfonylurea (SU) herbicide tolerant canola providing an alternative weed control option for canola farmers globally, including lower herbicide costs, non-GM premiums and a synergistic option for soybean rotations.


We are currently developing and testing several unique and differentiated non-transgenic herbicide and disease tolerant traits in rice that will provide farmers globally with more effective and efficient weed control, reducing yield drag, as well as disease tolerance options.


We have developed and are currently field testing the first non-transgenic herbicide tolerance trait to address the need of the Canadian flax market for an effective weed control package that can improve yield while lowering herbicide input costs.


Our success with canola has paved the way for the establishment of additional customizable crop platforms in rice, flax and potato, and the ongoing development of platforms in wheat, corn, soybean and peanut. The result is our unique ability to develop valuable native plant agronomic and consumer traits across all crops.

We Are Transforming The Industry

“We aim to provide choices for farmers that help them grow nutritious food, while being environmentally responsible, stewarding the same patch of soil their parents and grandparents did before them.”

— David Sippell, PhD – Vice President and North America General Manager Canola

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